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Garmin - fénix 5 Performer Bundle Unisex ute Watch (svart/grå)

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A STYLISH WATCH FOR MULTI-TALENTED ATHLETES The fénix 5 Unisex outdoor watch combines maximal functionality with a compact, elegant formgivning. This means that the GPS multi-sports smartwatch is just as suited to the office as it is to your sporty adventures. You can easily interchange the QuickFit straps to adjust the style to your mood. Last but not least, the watch also comes with practical functions like smart notifications and GroupTrack to keep you in the know at samtliga times. The Performance Bundle also includes a HRM-Tri heart rate monitor. EXCELLENTLEGIBILITY The high-definition colour Garmin Chroma display stays on for a long time and impresses with its great legibility in samtliga kinds of circumstances. This is thanks to transflective technology, which reflects light and lets it pass through - both at the same time, meaning that the display can be read easily even in bright sunlight. The EXO stainless steel antenna is integrated into the bezel. The back is made from welded steel. This outdoor watch has a waterproof rating of 10 ATM, which is equivalent to being 100 metres below water. HEART RATE MONITOR Elevate technology measures your heart rate directly from the pulse at your wrist, and it is integrated into samtliga f?nix 5 models. This means that you can enjoy all your activities without having to wear an irritating chest strap and that you can always keep an eye on the intensity of your training. A practical highlight: when displaying the day's activities, the watch also shows you your heart rate for each, so you get a better idea of how many calories you have burnt. ALL YOUR DATA AT A GLANCE To ensure you can train more efficiently, this outdoor watch delivers all the necessary data. It offers info regarding the effectiveness of your training, uses performance data to display maximal oxygen intake while running or cycling (which you can review every minute), and it also shows you the physiological training load to your body. Apart from that, the watch tells you when it is time to recover and it records details of your recovery. Additional training functions include FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and LIP (Lactate Inflection Point) measurements. INTEGRATED NAVIGATION With this outdoor watch you will be able to find new paths with ease, as it combines GPS-/GLONASS satellite navigation with extra sensors and tried-and-tested Garmin navigation functions like TracBack. To guarantee the most accurate data, the watch's sensors are automatically calibrated using the GPS. The integrated altimeter delivers height data to accurately record climbs and descents, but apart from that, in combination with the thermometer and the barometer, the altimeter allows the watch to detect short-term air pressure trends to predict changes in weather. Highlights:Display diameter: 30.5 mmPre-installed activity profilesOnline functionsTriple-axle compassSatellite reception: GPS- and GLONASS Please note: In order to prevent fraud, we scan the serial number of every product in an order before dispatch.goods sporting sporting goods Läs mer...


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